Many things can cause neck pain – watching TV, using your computer, reading a book, falling asleep in a chair or on an airplane, talking on the telephone with the headset crunched between your ear and shoulder. Your neck supports your 10 to 13 pound head, maintains a gentle forward curve to the spine and permits head rotation. It’s got a major job to do, and it’s no wonder that neck pain is a very common complaint.

While a pain reliever, hot pack or a massage may help your neck feel better for a little while, it may not solve the underlying problem. The chiropractic approach is to locate that underlying cause, giving special attention to the upper spine, neck, and shoulders. A vertebral subluxation complex frequently causes neck pain. Along with reducing or eliminating the pain, chiropractic care often results in greater freedom of motion and better overall health once the irritated nerves begin to heal.