Our team of healthcare professionals at The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati are also known as Team ChiroSports. You may say that it has become our “nickname.” It is also our banner when we provide Sports Chiropractic care to the athletes in our community. Dr. Korchok and his associates have provided care over the years to professional tennis players and coaches when they visit Mason, Ohio for the ATP events in August. Dr. Korchok has also provided Sports Chiropractic treatment to Pro Beach Volleyball athletes, rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, equestrian,soccer, baseball, football, basketball, gymnasts, Rock & Roll musicians, wrestlers, cyclists, Zumba instructors, runners, coaches, swimmers and divers, triathletes, cheerleaders, ballet dancers, hockey, figure skaters, and track & field athletes of all levels of expertise.

Dr. Mark Korchok is the Chiropractic consultant to Sycamore High School and the ministry based organization, Athletes-in-Action. As a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, he has specialized training in the evaluation and care of athletes of all kinds and all ages. One of his favorite athletes is a geriatric athlete in his 70’s known for his cross country bicycle excursions who prepares for his trips with chiropractic “tune-ups,” prior to engaging on his coast to coast bicycle tours and then receives chiropractic treatment upon his return to help his recovery. The stories told by this gentleman, as well as Dr. Korchok’s patients and athletes are priceless!!! They are among the many athletes who understand that Sports Chiropractic care and treatment contribute to their optimal function as an athlete and performer, allowing them to run swifter, jump higher, be stronger while pursuing their own personal bests and championships.