Safe and natural chiropractic care is good for seniors, helping you enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle for years. Even for those who have had back surgery or who suffer from osteoporosis can benefit from regular chiropractic care. Regardless of your age, regular chiropractic care can help prevent subluxation degeneration or spinal decay.

Early detection, regular chiropractic checkups and a healthy lifestyle can prevent, slow, stop or even reverse the early stages of spinal degeneration. Dr. Korchok is an expert at developing a program of preventative care, designed especially for your needs, activity level and desired lifestyle.

Activities that you enjoyed during your adult years don’t have to stop because of back pain – ask us how you can regain, or maintain, optimum spinal health for optimum living. A pain-free life through chiropractic health maintenance is your blueprint to active, happy and healthy senior years.