I retired from a career in law enforcement in October of 2014. One day in January, 2015, I suffered a very painful back injury. I awoke from my sleep, and started to rise out of bed. A sharp, stabbing pain shot through my left lower back and left leg. I cried out loudly, but I was home alone at the time. I couldn’t get up, nor could I move to lie back down. I couldn’t find a position i which the pain would stop or let off. I had never felt so much pain in my entire life.

I knew that something was very wrong with my back. My left foot, and most of my left leg was numb. Eventually the pain subsided enough that I got out of bed, but I could barely walk. I knew that I was in trouble, and needed medical help. Frankly, I was more than a little bit afraid. I had been injured before, having gone through surgeries in both knees and both shoulders. I am involved in martial arts, and other physical activities that I didn’t want to lose. I thought, “Here I go again.”

Although I really trust my doctor, I knew from past experience that when I went to him, he would send me immediately for an x-ray, and likely refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. I discussed this with my wife later that day. I really did NOT want to have surgery on anything again, much less my back. We decided that we would at least try a Chiropractor, to explore any alternatives to surgery.

My wife booked me an appointment at The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati, and this is when and where I met Dr. Mark Korchok. I kindly, man, he did a very thorough evaluation of my injury. He explained to me what the x-rays and diagnosis revealed. He also told me that I have a very good prognosis with chiropractic treatment.

With chiropractic treatment, nutritional therapy, structured exercises, I have recovered almost fully. I can fully participate in martial arts again, including falling and rolling. My back is pain free, and I only suffer from partial numbness in my left foot. Dr. Korchok explained to me that a pinched sciatic nerve suffers damage, and it is a bit of a long process before it will fully heal. The numbness is subsiding gradually, and should eventually go away.

I fully agree with Dr. Korchok’s statements, that our body has the ability to heal itself. Drugs and surgeries are extreme treatment methods, and very unnatural. I would strongly encourage anybody who suffers muscular or skeletal injury to consider the Chiropractic approach. At the very least, have yourself evaluated and examined by a good Chiropractor.

I am grateful for Dr. Korchok, and his courteous staff, for getting me through this injury, and bringing me back to normal activity again. A very heartfelt “Thank-You” goes out to all of them.

— Michael B.

I want to thank Dr. Mark for encouraging me to do the Standard Process Purification Program. Like any life change, I was challenged but it was well worth it as I felt more energetic, lowered my blood pressure, and had a weight loss of 10 lbs while on the program. With the support of my wife, this program along with regular exercise has helped me develop healthy nutritional habits that continue to have a positive impact upon my life.

— Jim R.

I am receiving treatment for my neck and back pain. My findings and treatment were explained clearly. I regularly receive relief from my neck pain with treatment.

The staff is always friendly, helpful, and concerned with my welfare! I am able to promptly get in at the time of my appointment and have been able to make appointments that fit my schedule. Dr. Korchok’s adjustments have always been helpful and he modifies his treatment to best fit my specific issue. It’s a great place!

— Rob B.

I sought treatment with Dr. Korchok for the whiplash injuries I experienced as a result of a car accident. Dr. Korchok and his staff examined me and informed me of my condition and the length of time it would take for treatment and the exercises to be done as part of my recovery. I continue to have treatment as I am in my recovery stage. I feel better each time I go in for treatment.

I was experiencing serious neck stiffness and having a hard time moving my neck from the accident. My first visit, Dr. Korchok adjusted my neck and I was instantly relieved of the pressure. I am now able to move my neck without serious pain and able to have a better night’s sleep. I personally have never thought of going to a chiropractor and was skeptical until my accident. I am truly grateful for Dr. Korchok and his staff for helping me!

— Louisa M.

I was referred by a friend who has had success here, (as well as his son), hoping to find a way to reduce my headaches and other “aches.” I like to ask a lot of questions and everything was explained very well.

I have only had two adjustments so far but my headaches are decreasing.

I was hesitant (I had never considered chiropractic help before), and nervous, but I was desperate for relief that I was willing to try anything. After my initial visit and my first adjustment, I was so excited about the treatment plan that I called everyone I know to tell them about it. I was finally doing something positive for me, no one else. My attitude and outlook changed and took a 180 degree turn for the better.

— Cindy K.

I came to see Dr. Mark for treatment of my lower back and hip pain, as well as some neck pain. Dr. Mark was very informative in explaining why I was having the pain. My results were Great! I started coming in multiple times per week and now only need to come in once or twice a month because my pain has decreased significantly.

I’ve had a great experience here. It is very easy to get an appointment and I always feel better after my appointments. I appreciate the kindness and friendliness of all the staff and always feel comfortable coming here.

— Stephanie W.

I brought my daughter in for treatment of her headaches and neck pain. I love how professional but caring Dr.Korchok is with her. The results are splendid! I couldn’t ask for anything more! Our experience has been wonderful. Like a big family.

— Leca H.

I sought care at The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati upon the recommendation from my husband who is a patient, for my lower back and neck pain. I was impressed that things were well explained. My results were fantastic! I have been able to resume all of my activities.

Being a person that doesn’t like doctors, my experience has been a comforting, professional atmosphere in which everyone is so very helpful and caring. I look forward to my visits instead of dreading them!

— Linda G.

In 2002, I suffered from sciatica, but I continue to come in whenever I need a “tune-up” whether its for my hips, knees or back bothering me. My questions are always answered and Dr. Korchok provides me with treatment tips I can do at home.

My results are great! I continue to come in so that my sciatica doesn’t come back and to deal with my other aches and pains. I am greeted by the cheerful staff and I usually don’t have to wait. Dr. Mark and the staff provide the TLC that I need.

— Judy K.

After a year of seeing a neurologist for my two-year-old son’s seizure-like episodes, a friend suggested that I take Andrew to see a chiropractor. After just a couple of months of adjustments, my son is no longer showing any signs of these episodes. We are so thankful to everyone at The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati. Your caring attitude, helpfulness, patience, and kindness mean a lot to us. Thank you, Dr. Korchok and staff, for making our time with you enjoyable as well as productive!

— Julie S.

When I first came to see you in the fall of 2002, I did so because of recurrent pain in my lower and upper back, which was aggravated by my tennis activity and my continual lifting of heavy flight bag/luggage demanded by my occupation. As this injury was not new, and because I like to play competitive tennis, I decided to see you largely because I was in pain, could get in immediately and, most importantly, because your office offered on-site x-rays. At the time, all I really wanted to hear was that I didn’t have some kind of serious spinal disorder.

When we met during that first visit, what impressed me the most, besides your courteous and respectful office staff, was your willingness to spend a considerable amount of time educating me and my family about Chiropractic. We talked about the likely causes of my pain, and you addressed, at length and in great detail on a level we could understand, our many questions and concerns. I was also impressed by the numerous adjustments you gave me during that visit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pain in my upper back was completely gone when I left your office that afternoon.

As the treatments/therapies continued, I was able to see improvements in my strength and flexibility, and I became completely pain-free within two weeks. While all of these things are desirable, the best part for me, as a competitive athlete, was having my own confidence in my body restored. It’s impossible to compete effectively when one is afraid to give 100% effort for fear of re-injuring oneself. I’m 43 now, and I’m playing better tennis, and hitting the ball harder, than I did in my mid-twenties!

You’ve made a believer out of me! Thanks for all of your help.

— Scott S.

I think I can speak for my whole family when I say that the Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati has become a part of our lives.

I first came to Dr. Korchok when we moved to Cincinnati in the summer of 2001, in need of back alignment after the birth of our second daughter Lauren. Before the children were born I was a classical ballerina, then moved on to be an actress, so I am very aware of my body and feel when something is not right. Dr. Mark got me back on track and I can honestly say I have never felt better. It is so important to be aligned. It really determines
whether you are going to have a good day or a not-so-good day.

I even took my two daughters to be aligned. Vivienne was having breathing problems and after she was aligned, she was much better. Even her mood was better.

My husband, Dominik, is pretty skeptical about everything, so his back had to be really OUT before I could get him to go see Dr. Mark. Now that he has had treatments, I can’t keep him away. He feels so much better! He is a true case study of someone feeling miserable and not knowing why. He is now back on track and enjoying life to its fullest.

Chiropractic care is a necessity in life, like taking your vitamins, exercising, getting enough rest and so forth. Do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Mark Korchok today. You’re worth it!

— Michelle T. and family

The first time I came into the office it was for my back pain. I’ve since been treated for my bicycle injuries, neck pain and my frozen shoulder.

Each time, everything is explained well, and my questions are always answered.

My results are always good. Everyone is super nice and they all genuinely care about patients. I’ve seen folks here interact with other patients and they are just as friendly and caring with them. Everyone here make each patient feel special.

— Mary R.

My husband had neck and back issues, and said that Dr. Mark did a great job and was very caring and gentle and that I should go for my neck.

Everything was thoroughly explained in an understandable way. Dr. Mark also discussed the cause of the problem, and how to improve my everyday activities.

My results were good. My experience at Dr.Mark’s office was awesome! The entire staff was extremely caring and thoughtful. They always greet you with a warm smile and by name! They are genuinely interested in you. I can always get an appointment the day that I call too, which is fantastic!

— Sonja B.

I came in to the office because of my arm pain. My treatment was good and the lotion that you recommended works well at home.

My results are good and I am pain free.

The office is always a friendly place to come.

— Mary M.

I came in to see Dr. Mark because my back went out. I was told to take it easy for awhile. I am feeling better and walking straight now.

I am always willing to come in for treatment.

— Bob M.

I really love coming to The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center. My spinal adjustments are tune-ups for my body so that I can enjoy running, golf and playing with my kids. The staff and doctors are friendly, courteous and respectful of my time. I highly recommend.

— Mike K.

For 11 years, I have been coming to Dr. Dobbs after “trying out” a couple other chiropractors. In the beginning when I was 62, it was to try to avoid another surgery after I had a posterior tibial tendon repair. I wanted to keep myself aligned as much as possible to reduce the risk of more tendon damage and sciatic nerve pain. Dr. Dobbs explained her findings and treatment and she discovered that I had a short leg, so a little heel insert was applied and then she aligned my pelvis and reduced my pain level immensely. I wondered how long it had been that way!

Over the years I’ve inherited osteoarthritis from my father and it has progressed in my knees, then hips, and now my thoracic and lumbar spine. A monthly re-alignment has been my baseline treatment that I look forward to.

In addition, Dr. Dobbs has the gift of trigger point release techniques which augment mainline chiropractic, and this provides me additional pain relief. I can feel the pain releasing sometimes even 2 days later after the technique. Overall my experience with Dr. Dobbs and the supporting staff to not only be satisfactory, It has been amazing!

— Dorothy F.

I went to see Dr. Korchok because of my lower back pain. I have had lower back pain problems on and off throughout my life, (I am 57 years old). I used to go to physical therapy twice a year when I was in my 30’s due to the sports I was playing,(softball and basketball). They discovered I has short hamstrings and recommended stretching exercises, which always worked whenever I had a relapse episode (until this time), plus the help of NSAIDs, which I cannot take anymore.

I had to confess I was a little apprehensive about going to a chiropractor (blame it on the TV show Two and a Half Men), yet my discomfort was getting to the point of not being able to get dressed or get out of bed or sit down or stand up or even pick up my Spanish guitar without major excruciating maneuvers and pain. I was lucky I got an appointment on the same day I called. I went in and I was warmly welcomed by the staff; they really made me feel at ease. After I completed the myriad of insurance forms and medical history, I stood (it was better that way for me) in the waiting area watching the different slide presentations on several closed circuit TV’s and one caught my attention; it mentioned that chiropractic treatments are natural and do not use drugs (I loved that!!). It made me feel more at ease.

When Dr. Korchok examined me, he was very warn and professional and he listened to all my responses and answered all my question thoroughly. I received my first treatment and I left the office feeling much better than I went in and in the past two weeks!! They told me how to do the cold pack treatment at home and I have been doing them religiously and even at work!! They also told me the 20-minute sitting rule (get up and walk and try to stand for 10 minutes). It does make a huge difference.

On the next two days I received traction and manipulation treatments, plus the cold pack and electric stimulation. Dr. Korchok could not make me feel more at ease with his “bed-side” manners during the treatments. Time literally flew during the treatment sessions.

The feeling of relief I experienced after my treatment on day 2 was unbelievable! There were sensations I forgot how they felt since it has been years since I felt that way! On day 3, it was even better! I am now able to dress, sit, get up, get out of bed, cross my right leg, pick up my guitars without any discomfort or pain or performing special maneuvers to avoid either pain or potentially falling down. I still have more treatment to go through and I am looking forward to it!

The general feeling of well-being is such that I am begging my wife to go and see Dr. Korchok. She is an avid tennis player and lately she is getting injured more frequently that before. I am convinced she will benefit immensely with the treatments.

I am very grateful to Dr. Korchok and his staff for making me feel better and for their hospitality!! I found a new home!!

— Miguel C.