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Welcome To The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati

At Dr. Korchok’s clinic, our primary concern and responsibility is you. Our first goal is prompt relief. This can often be accomplished with the advanced treatment methods provided by our top quality chiropractic care. We want to alleviate your pain quickly and effectively, so your return to good health is assured.

The next step is the corrective phase. Once the acute pain is relieved and has subsided, we work to restore normal function of the injured or unhealthy area. Your treatment program will strengthen and rehabilitate the area to prevent the injury or problem from recurring.

Once we provide the blueprint for total wellness, our patients improve and correct their conditions for lasting health. Our patients get better, and they stay better. Healing, health and happiness. That’s the Dr. Korchok credo. And it will be yours.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Mark Korchok is the best. I come in walking hunched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame due to waiting too long, and he's got me mobile and walking upright again as we work on my recovery. Once again the kitties can eat because I can go up and down stairs again.

Crissy B.

We have been patients of Dr. Mark for 18 years. He's been keeping our whole family healthy and pain free. The staff is friendly and always looks for ways to get us seen.

Charlie R.

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